domingo, 29 de junho de 2008

Ronaldo holds Carlos Queiroz's exist from United

Manchester United considers technician vital to hold the expert

Manchester United is going to make difficult to the utmost the exit of Carlos Queiroz from Old Trafford because the club thinks that the Portuguese will be decisive to convince Cristiano Ronaldo to remain in the English club.

In accordance with what DN found out,for Queiroz himself, the hypothesis "selection" is not very much tilted feeding because he fears a devastating effect in his image in England.

Yesterday, the English newspapers were saying that Gilberto Madaíl is prepared to do tomorrow an approach to Manchester United, in the direction of realizing which position the club would take as for an advancement of the Portuguese Federation of Soccer (FPF) to employ Carlos Queiroz. And what the leader probably hear no positive words.

The club will probably put some strong obstacles to the federation, diverting so one of the principal targets of the FPF to substitute Scolari. Zico keeps on being more well positioned.

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